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Transforming a contact centre and unlocking 35% more customers per employee


Organisations are constantly looking for ways to improve their operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and drive cost savings. One company that successfully achieved all three objectives is Grove & Dean, a leading independent insurance broker in the UK. 

By implementing Tracxion, a suite of applications designed to track and link customer contact data, Grove & Dean was able to unlock a 35% increase in the number of customers each advisor could manage without expanding their budget. 

This post delves into the challenges faced by Grove & Dean, the solution provided by Tracxion, and the remarkable results achieved, highlighting the impact of business intelligence and contact centre analytics on operational efficiency and customer experience.

The challenges faced by Grove & Dean 

Grove & Dean, established in 1974, had been grappling with several data-related issues in their contact centre. Like most modern enterprises, Grove & Dean engaged customers across channels – phone, email, mobile messaging etc. Some interactions came directly through their Genesys Cloud contact centre platform. Others via third-party systems. Data poured in from all sources. But with no unified access point, their customer data resembled a fragmented mosaic rather than an insightful landscape. 

G&D's Operations Director stated,

"Our challenge was enabling the correct KPIs and custom real-time wallboards, and it was not possible with cloud-based solutions." 

Generic reporting could not capture metrics aligned to Grove & Dean’s tailored workflows. So, they lacked real understanding of contact centre performance. 

Cloud-based solutions, while offering convenience and standardisation, often lack the flexibility required to cater to specific reporting needs. Grove & Dean found themselves dealing with multiple data sources, resulting in an absence of a single view of their operations. This lack of visibility hindered their ability to respond quickly to changing situations and make informed decisions, underscoring the need for effective contact centre reporting and data integration to maintain operational efficiency.

The turning point: A customisable, unified data platform 

To address their data challenges and improve operational efficiency, Grove & Dean turned to QPC and their solution, Tracxion. Tracxion is a suite of applications that consolidates customer interaction details and provides real-time insights, all while reducing operating costs. By integrating Tracxion with their Genesys Cloud platform, Grove & Dean was able to consolidate granular customer interaction details into a unified data feed. This standardised data source enabled real-time and intraday operations management and historical reporting, marking a significant advancement in contact centre analytics and data analysis.

 As Grove & Dean noted,  

"Tracxion is fully customisable and completely meets our requirements. We now are able to see on a granular level, calls and KPIs that show detailed agent activity."  

Tracxion's flexibility allowed Grove & Dean to construct custom business metrics aligned with their unique workflows and contact centre operations. The application provided an exceptionally detailed dataset constructed directly from raw contact events, enabling the creation of custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With real-time data streams powering dashboards and team leader views, Grove & Dean gained unprecedented visibility into their operations, benefiting from the tailored contact centre analytics and custom reports.

The Results: Unlocking a 35% increase in customers per employee 

The implementation of Tracxion brought about a profound transformation for Grove & Dean. By leveraging the insights and capabilities provided by Tracxion, the management and analysts at Grove & Dean now have access to a comprehensive view of their contact data, both in real-time and historically.

G&D's Operations Director stated,  

"Tracxion gave us the best dashboards and insights we have ever had. It gives us visibility across multiple systems and the amount of actionable insight available in Tracxion has made it possible for us to manage our contact centre with greater operational efficiency, it's amazing." 

Team leaders and operational managers rely solely on Tracxion-generated real-time information and historical analyses, driven by the same real-time data feed, enhancing contact centre reporting, and providing actionable real-time insights.

As a result of the improved efficiency and enhanced visibility, Grove & Dean experienced a 35% increase in their client-to-staff ratio. This means that they were able to handle 35% more customers without expanding their cost base. 

The remarkable outcome is a testament to the power of Tracxion in optimising operations and driving business growth, as reflected in the improved customer service metrics

Could a customisable, real-time platform unlock your growth? 

A look at Grove & Dean's successful implementation of Tracxion demonstrates the transformative power of advanced analytics and operational insights. By leveraging Tracxion's capabilities, Grove & Dean was able to overcome their data challenges, improve operational efficiency, and unlock a 35% increase in the number of customers each advisor could manage without expanding their budget. This remarkable achievement underscores the importance of adopting innovative business intelligence solutions tailored to specific business needs. 

Like Grove & Dean, your contact centre likely juggles valuable customer data across channels and systems. If you are facing similar challenges in your contact centre operations, Tracxion could be the solution you have been looking for. 

With its ability to consolidate and analyse customer contact data, Tracxion enables organisations to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer experience, and drive cost savings.

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