New Features in March

Something for everyone this month! Forecasters, Schedulers, Intraday Analysts and Agents will all benefit from these new features.

All windows client users will see a new layout for the home page, the list of screens has moved from along the bottom to the top left, giving us more room for screens such as Schedules and Open Forecasts.

For Forecasters, we have a new column in the web page to show all the end dates of your current forecasts, essential for keeping up to date with how far ahead all of your skills are forecasted to and easily sorted so you can find the forecast you need to attend to most urgently.

Schedulers will be able to easily make changes to agent settings (and do bulk changes) such as teams, contracts and shifts, and even better you can keep track of who made the changes and when changes are made!

Intraday Analysts dealing with Requests will find 3 new features. Where agents have access to amend their own breaks with the Self Scheduling module, Calabrio Teleopti WFM will ensure that normal breaks are still taken in the main shift and that overtime breaks still take place in the overtime portion of the day, this will avoid it interfering with your analysis of activities worked in overtime.

Changes to Absence, Trade and Overtime Requests will be great for you if you find that when agents are making requests they put non-essential details in the Subject and Message fields, you may simply not need these to be completed at all, then this new feature is for you! You can now disable these fields and just have the essential details you need to deal with the request, whether auto approved or manually approved.

Those of you using the Overtime Requests module will see that agent’s requests will be denied if they have already booked a Full day Absence, make sure your agents are aware of this too!

And finally, something we have all been excited about! A new report showing us up to 2 years of daily Real-Time Adherence!

Watch this short video to learn all about these new and exciting features for March 2021.


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